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Payable creation/editing page:

On this page, you can enter the payables for vendor jobs.

This table contains the summary of the receivable:

Name — project name with the link to the “Project view” page.

Specialization — project specialization selected for the project.

Client — client name with the link to the “Client profile” page.

Vendor — vendor selected for this job with the link to the Vendor profile.

Job name with the link to the “Job view” page.

Service indicates what kind of service is selected for the job.

Language pair indicates what language pair is selected for the job.


Note: This table is applicable only for Flat rate and CAT log based payment.

The table contains the prices that you have recorded for this client on Prices tab of the vendor profile.

As you start entering payable, some price rows will turn green thus indicating that they might be relevant for this receivable.

You can insert vendor prices by clicking the green line:

Once you press “Create”, the system will bring you back to Jobs view page where you’ll be able to see the payables.