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New vendor page:

General info

This page is intended for entering information about a new vendor.

Use the General info section to enter general information about a vendor, specify if the vendor can be assigned to jobs regardless of whether the "Can login" option is set or not,

and define whether your vendor will be able to see their finances:

Create vendor gen info.png


If you mark the "Assignable" checkbox, the vendor can be assigned to jobs regardless of whether the "Can login" option is set or not.

Update VP assignable 1.jpg

Access to finances

You may hide vendor’s finances from the vendor by unchecking "Finances visible":

Update VP fin visible.jpg

In that case, the vendor will only see jobs without payables, no invoices and payments.

Primary user

Use the Primary user section to enter the vendor’s contact person:

Create vendor Primary user.png

If you mark the Can login checkbox, the system will send an invitation to the vendor to join your company on Protemos once you finish creating vendor.

You may leave the checkbox unmarked and send the invitation later from the Vendor view page.

Note: You can always disable or enable access to the account for a particular vendor in the Primary user section of the corresponding vendor profile.

Once the vendor is created, the system will bring you to the vendor profile page where you can edit or add info about the vendor.

Vendor types

Please note that that different vendor types have different fields:

Company New vendor company type.jpg
Freelancer New vendor freelancer type.jpg
In-house New vendor in-house type.jpg

For the company, you'll be able to enter contact persons on the Contact persons tab.

For more info, please see the Vendor user manual.