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MemoQ integration page:

Protemos is integrated with memoQ system — a translation environment tool.

That means that you can:

  • Create projects in Protemos and copy them to memoQ.
  • Create memoQ projects and copy them to Protemos.
  • Link and unlink projects between Protemos and memoQ.

Enable memoQ integration

1. To enable memoQ integration, go to Settings ⇾ Integrations ⇾ memoQ :

Memo q integration set.png

If you do not have a memoQ account, you can register it directly from this page by clicking the corresponding link:

Register memo q.png

2. Click the first link to copy your memoQ server name:


2. Log in to memoQ if required and copy the name of your server:

Test 123.png

3. Click the "Enable" button:


4. Enter the memoQ server name you copied before and the memoQ API key sent by the memoQ customer support, and click the "Update" button:


3. When done, your memoQ integration page will look like the following. You can disable this integration or update integration details any time by pressing the corresponding buttons:

Update disable memo.png

Create memoQ projects from Protemos projects

1. Create a project as normally, but first enable memoQ integration for your account, as described above.

2. Scroll down to the Linked memoQ project details section and press "Create memoQ project":

Create memoQ.png

3. You can see the created memoQ project in the corresponding section:

2 memo.png

4. You may open the project by clicking the project ID:

Project memoq.png

5. The project in memoQ created from Protemos has the same name, deadline, language pair, etc:

2 memo pr.png

1 protemos pr.png

Link and unlink projects between Protemos and memoQ

When you create memoQ project based on Protemos or vice versa, the projects in the two systems are linked with each other.

But sometimes you may need to link projects which were created in both systems independently.

Here are the steps that you need to take:

1. Open the project in Protemos you want to link with the memoQ project, and scroll down to the Linked memoQ project details section.

2. Click the "Link memoQ project" button:

Link memoq project.png

3. Click the "Link" button in the needed memoQ project line:

Link button.png

3. The projects will become linked.

You may always unlink the projects by pressing the "Unlink memoQ project" button:

Unlink memo q.png

Create Protemos projects from memoQ projects

1. Create a project in memoQ first.

2. Press the "New project from memoQ" button on the main Projects page:

New project from memoq button.png

3. Select a memoQ project to base a new Protemos project on by pressing "Create":

Create button.png

4. The system will create the same project in Protemos.

You may always open the project in memoQ or unlink projects by following the corresponding link and clicking the corresponding button:

1new 2.png

Note: If you don't have the specified language pairs or clients in Protemos, you will get "no matching" error. Make sure, that you enter all the details correctly or add the needed information to Protemos.