QuickBooks integration

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Please note that integration is currently available only for QuickBooks accounts registered in the USA.

To enable the Quickbooks integration, please go to Settings -> Integrations -> QuickBooks or use this link: [QuickBooks integration]

Press "Enable":


You will be redirected to QuickBooks App Store page. Press "Connect":


Having enabled the integration, you will be able to push client invoices to QuickBooks or link them with already existing ones.

Please go to the "Linked QuickBooks invoice details" section on the invoice page and use the needed option:


Please note that the invoice will be created only if the corresponding client, services, and taxes are already predefined in your Quickbooks account.

Note: To push the invoice into Quickbooks, the client data (First and Last name, company name, email address) should perfectly match in both systems. Company name on Protemos should correspond to the "Customer display name" on Quickbooks.