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Reports - Quote report: cloud.protemos.com/report/quote

To view the Quote report, go to ReportsQuote report:

Reports - quote report.png

Here you may see quote conversion rate, quote counts, quote totals, and quote report data. Each of them is described below.

All amounts are converted to the default currency of your account.

You can select the period of time for reporting, client types, country, tags, and the needed legal entity:

Quote report filters.png


  • If one quote in a multi-quote was accepted (and others were rejected automatically), the report will have the data that this multi-quote was accepted.
  • If all option quotes were rejected in a multi-quote (doesn't matter how many of them), in the report it will be shown as one rejected quote.

Quote conversion rate

This report shows the conversion rate in percentage:

1. quote conversion rate.png

Quote counts

This report shows how many quotes were accepted/rejected, and the total amount of sent quotes per month:

2. quote counts.png

Quote totals

This report shows the receivables (in your default currency) of quotes that were accepted or rejected per month:

3. quote totals.png

Quote counts and totals

These reports show how many quotes were accepted/rejected and the sums of receivables (in your default currency) of quotes that were accepted or rejected:

Quote counts and totals.1.png

Quote report data

This table shows the number of accepted and rejected quotes, the total number of sent quotes, their conversion rates, the totals of accepted and rejected quotes, and their sum per month:

Report data (quotes).png

Export data to Excel

You may export the data of quote reports by clicking "Export to Excel":

Report data (quotes) (export).png

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