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Whenever the manager assigns you jobs via Protemos system, you will be notified by email:

Job offer.png

1. Here you can confirm or decline job right from the email by clicking the corresponding links (you need to log into the system).

Or you may open the job page in Protemos. To do so, click on the job code, and you will see the "Job" page consisting of the following sections:

2. Make sure you accept the job conditions and confirm the job by pressing the "Accept" button:

Accept job offer.png

If you do not accept the job conditions, you may decline it by pressing "Reject".

In both cases, your manager will be notified via email.

3. Download the files one by one by clicking on their names or all at once by pressing "Download all as ZIP":

VA job input files download button.jpg

In this section, you can upload the files ready for delivery.

1. Having completed the job, use the job output files section on the Job page for uploading finalized files or links to files, by pressing the "Upload files" or the "Add file URLs" button:

Job output.png

Here you can also delete the file or link in case you have uploaded the wrong one by mistake and then upload the correct one.

2. Make sure that files or links with the completed job are uploaded into the system and press the "Complete job" button:

VA complete job button.jpg

The manager will be notified by email that you have completed the job, accept it and the job will be completed.

For more info, please see instructions on how to receive jobs or view a video tutorial YT client.png

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