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To-dos page:

General information

You can create a to-do for your managers or for yourself to perform different tasks related to projects, jobs, production, or anything you need.

To-dos are private and are visible for creators and assignees, only the Administrator can see the list of all the to-dos.

New to-do

To create a to-do, click on the To-dos menu on the top panel and then click "New to-do":

New to-do menu.png

Or you can click the "New to-do" button on the To-dos page:

1 new to-do 2.png

Enter a name, choose the manager, set the priority, the deadline, the time for the reminder to be sent, and press the "Create" button:

To-do 1.png

Note:You can assign a to-do to a manager or to yourself.

You can Complete, Reopen, Cancel, Reassign, Update or Delete the to-do:

To do 2.png

Also, manage the attachments, and send the messages to the creator and the assignee of the to-do:

1 to-do actions.png

To-dos notifications

You get the to-do notifications in the following cases:

  • If someone creates a to-do for you:

1 to do assigned to you.png

  • If someone updates the to-do:

2 to do updated.png

  • If you were reassigned:

6 to do reassigned.png

  • If someone cancels the to-do:

4 to-do cancel.png

  • If the to-do was deleted:

5 to do deleted.png

  • The reminder about the to-do:

3 to still active.png

  • If someone sends a message:

9 message received.png

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