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To update manager details click the necessary manager's name on the Managers page:

Click manager name to update.png

It will bring you to the Manager details page.

Here you can change permission levels, update their general data, resend the invitation to the manager or delete them:

Manager action buttons.png

Note: The "Resend invitation" button is only visible if your manager hasn't accepted the invitation yet.

Press "Update" to fill in or renew all basic information about the manager:

Manager can log in.png

After you fill in the boxes, press the "Update" button to save changes.

"Can log in" allows you to see registered managers in the drop-down list when, for example, updating project details or creating a new project:

Manager can log in.png Manager is in brop-down.png

Just unmark the checkbox, and the manager will not appear in your drop-down list:

Manager can't log in.png Manager is not in drop-down.png

Note: Your manager will not be able to log into the system if you unmark "Can log in" checkbox.

Note: You can't delete the manager that binds with a particular project, but you can forbid access to their accounts by unmarking the "Can log in" checkbox.