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Quote is a potential project. You can create it if the client is requesting the quote or if you are simply not sure yet you will get the project.

The basic steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Quotes list page and click New quote .

2. Enter quote info (language, deadline etc) and click "Create".

3.Upload the files you received from the client (if any):

Qoute files section.jpg

4.Upload CAT log files (if needed):

Quote upload Cat section.jpg

5. Enter receivables to indicate the amount to be charged from the client:

Quote res section.jpg

6. Check if everything is ok and press "Send" to send the quote to the client:

Q status bar send.jpg

7. If the client accepts, you may press the "Convert to project" button to continue working on the project:

Q status bar convert.jpg

If the client rejects, click the "Reject" button to remember that rejection:

Q status bar reject.jpg

For more info on quotes, please see our wiki pages or our video tutorial Youtube.jpg

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