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On this tab you can:

- Edit basic info about the client (e.g. name, address, status etc.).

- Monitor client-related projects, receivables, invoices, and payments.

- Manage client's tags.

- Delete the client.

- Check the availability of risk assessment information.

- Edit client’s default settings.

- Go to other tabs of the client.

Client details

In the General info section you can view and edit basic info about the client, add necessary tags and follow the client-related objects by using the Quick links option:

CV general info.png

  • "Quick links" - by using this option, you can check all the client-related projects, receivables, invoices, and payments at a glance.
  • "Tags" - allows you to add necessary tags to the client in order to classify or group them etc.
  • "Update" - press it to start editing general information about your client.
  • "Delete" - deletes the client.

Note: You cannot delete clients with recorded projects. But you may deactivate the client on the Update client details page.

Primary user

In this section you can view and edit basic information about the primary user:

Client primary user update.png

  • "Update" - press it to start editing general information about the client's primary user.

Default settings

To change the default currency, payment conditions, and locale of invoices press "Change default settings" in the Default settings section, and you will open the Change default settings page.

Client profile change def sett butt.png Blue Board (the feature will be available soon)

Relevant risk assessment information may be available for your client on the Blue Board.

To check this information, press the "Search" link:

Blue board search.jpg

It will bring you to the Blue Board page.

Enter your client name or website:

Blue Board search page1.jpg

If the corresponding record is available, you will be able to see a risk score (Likelihood of Working Again) and a number of feedback entries:

Blue board client info3.jpg

To display this information in the Blue Board section of the client profile, you may link this record by pressing the "Link record" button:

Blue board client link record.jpg

It will open the Update client page.

Copy the client ID number from the URL address of the client record on the Blue BoardClient record URL.jpg to the Record URL field.

Update client blue board info.jpg

Thus, you and the managers of your company will be able to see this info in the client profile, and therefore, quickly get the reliability of the client:

Cl ProZ Blue sec Acme.jpg

Note 1: To make this information available in client profiles, you should enable integration for your account.

Note 2: Risk assessment information is updated on a daily basis.

Note 3: If there are new entries for your active clients, managers will be notified by email on a weekly basis.

Other tabs on the page

  • Contact persons—the list of client’s contact persons (available if the client is a Company, not Individual).
  • Prices—the list of prices for the customer.
  • Taxes—on this tab, you can create a custom taxes set for this client. Here you may also define which taxes set should be applied (whether custom or default one) for this particular client.
  • Documents—intended for storing any documents related to the client.
  • Project chart—here you can see the chart and list of all active projects for the client.