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License request page:

License info page:

When you are registering your account, you get a free one-month trial license. It works just like a normal license, with no limitations.

When the trial period end is getting close, the system reminds you:

Licence expiration.jpg

You can always check the status of your license on this page:

Licensening expire.png

Here you may see:

- your license status;

- your license type;

- active managers limit (the number of users with different access rights that can work in the system simultaneously);

- when your license expires;

- the time left before the expiration date of your license.

Requesting license

The license update can be requested only by the owner of your company Protemos Enterprise account, normally it's the one who registered your company in Protemos. So if you are not the account owner, please just ask the owner to log in and request the license via this page:

If you are the owner of the account, just press the "Request license" button on the Licence details page:


It will open the Request license page:

Request license.jpg

Enter the number of managers you need to work simultaneously in your system, select the license period, and click "Request".

We will get your request by email and will send you the payment request and the invoice. Then we will activate your license.

How the price is calculated?

The price depends on the number of managers and the period of license validity. The more you buy, the less each license costs.

What you mean by the number of managers for the license?

It is the number of users with Project Manager rights that can work in the system simultaneously. You can create as many managers as you wish, but only the licensed number of them will be able to log in. E.g. your team has 10 managers, but you know that no more than 6 of them will be working in the system at the same time. So you may buy just 6 licenses. But when the 7th manager will try to log in, the system will tell that all licenses are already being used and he/she have to wait until someone logs out. The names of the logged users are displayed.

Do I have to pay for vendors or does vendor has to pay for using Protemos?

No. It's free for all your vendors. You can create an unlimited number of vendors for no charge.

How the license works?

If you have the license, you can edit and create new records. If your license has expired, you still can log in, but you will have read-only access.

Can I upgrade existing license, e.g. add more managers?

Sure, you can just fill in the request form or contact us directly at Business Plus and Enterprise members

If you are a Business Plus or Enterprise member, you can see how many licenses in Protemos included in your Business membership after your Protemos trial period has expired:


Note: To see this information, you should enable integration for your account.