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On the Details tab of a project page, you can:

- See project details and finances summary.

- Complete, reopen, cancel, save it as a template, clone, delete or update the project.

- Go to other tabs of the project: Files, Jobs, Finances and CAT logs.

Project details

The info displayed in the project details is the one you entered when creating the project:

Project details.png

You can update these details by pressing the "Update" button.

Project actions

Over the upper right corner of the project details page, press " Actions" to see the following buttons:

Project action buttons.png

  • "Complete"—marks the project as completed. When the project is finished, this button turns to the "Reopen project" and lets you open the project again.
  • "Cancel"—marks the project as canceled. It does not remove any information or files within the project, so you can relaunch it by pressing the "Reopen project" button.
  • "Delete"—deletes the project. The system will warn you:


If you press "OK", all the project data and files will be deleted with no option for recovery, so please be careful using this button.

Note: The project cannot be deleted if it has receivables or payables which are linked to invoices.

Project tabs

Apart from the Details, the project has the following tabs:

W project tabs.jpg

  • The Files tab contains all the files related to the project, click to see the details.
  • The Jobs tab is used to assign the jobs to the vendors (e.g. translators, proofreaders etc.), click to see the details.
  • The Finances tab is used to enter all receivables from the client and to view the payables to the vendors, click to see the details.
  • The CAT logs tab calculates discounts for each type of match if you have fuzzy matches logs generated by CAT tools.