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New quote page:

There are two ways to create a quote:

1. Press the Quotes menu on the top panel and then click New quote:

Quotes menu new quote.png

2. Or you may go to Quotes=>Quotes list:

Quotes menu quotes list.png

Then press the "New quote" button:

Quote create button.png

In both cases, it will open the New quote page where you can specify all basic details for the quote:

Create qoute page new.png

Confirm all details with the "Create" or revoke with the "Cancel" button.

Note: Managers will be warned when creating a quote for the client with a risk score of 3.0 or less on the Blue Board (the feature will be available soon):

Quote warned.png

3. Having created the quote, you can upload the files or links to files (file URLs) you received from the client if any:

Quote files section.png

More info here.

4. Then you may upload CAT log files or enter them manually if needed:

Quote upload logs buttons.png

More info here.

5. Enter receivables to indicate the amount to be charged from the client:

Quote new receivable button.png

More info here.

6. In the Taxes section you can include taxes to the quote so that your client can see how much you are going to charge them with taxes included:

Qoute taxes general.png

More info here.

7. Check if everything is correct and press "Send" to send the quote to the client:

Quote details send.png

More info here.

8. If your client accepts the quote, you may press the "Convert to project" button to continue working on the project:

Quote actions convert to proj.png

If the client rejects, click the "Cancel" button to remember that rejection:

Quote actions reject.png