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Update next IDs page: https://cloud.protemos.com/account/code-id

Update code prefixes page: https://cloud.protemos.com/account/code-prefix

On this page you can set the number of your next invoice, project, payment, job etc.

The object code consists of two parts: the identification number and the code prefix.

Object codes buttons.jpg

1. To update the next object identification number press the "Update next IDs" button.

It will bring you to the Update next IDs page:

Update ID.png

Having edited all the needed IDs press "Update" to save changes.

For example, if you want to code them by year and month, you can set something like 2017080001.

2. In order to update the object code prefix press the "Update code prefixes" button.

This will open the Update code prefixes page:

Update cod prefixes.png

Having edited all the necessary prefixes press the "Update" button to save changes.

For example, by setting the next project ID= "2017080001" and the project code prefix = "Pr" the number of the following project will look like on the picture below:

Codes and prefixes example.jpg