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(Cat log based receivable)
(Cat log based receivable)
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[[file:CAT log based receiv 1.jpg|border|600px]]
[[file:CAT log based receiv 1.jpg|border|600px]]
''By pressing the "Upload a new file" link, you may upload another CAT log file to your project.''
Press '''"Next"''' to proceed.
Press '''"Next"''' to proceed.

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Receivable creation page: https://cloud.protemos.com/project-receivable/create-unit-based?id=XXXXX (replace XXXXX with valid numbers)

Receivable editing page: https://cloud.protemos.com/project-receivable/update?id=XXXXХ &route=project (replace XXXXХ with valid number)

General info

On this page, you can create or edit the receivables from the client.

This table contains the summary of the receivable:

W receivable summary.jpg

  • Specialization - project specialization selected for the project.
  • Invoice with a link to the related invoice.

Relevant prices

Note: This table is applicable only for Unit based and CAT log based receivables.

This table contains general prices and the prices that you have recorded for this client on the Prices tab of the client profile or on the Client prices page.

As you start entering receivable data, some price rows will turn green thus indicating that they might be relevant for this receivable:

UBR relevant prices.jpg

Receivable data

This is the summary of how much the client will pay to you.

You can add a receivable by pressing the "New receivable" button and choosing the base:


The "Flat rate" – if you just need to enter the amount of receivable without entering volumes and rates.

The "Unit based" – if you have to enter the volume and rate for calculating the price.

The "CAT log based" – if you have fuzzy matches logs generated by CAT tools and want to calculate discounts for each type of match.

Flat rate receivable

Under this header, you can actually enter the data for the receivable.

Flat rate reseivable note.jpg

PO number – you can enter the number of PO received from сlient. You may leave it blank if the client is not sending you any PO numbers.

Note (hidden from client) – here you may leave additional information that will be hidden from your client.

Language pair – here you have to select language pair for the receivable.

Note: you can select only from the language pairs selected for the project on the Update project details page.

Service – here you have to select what service you are charging for.

Total – please enter the total amount here.

Currency – please select the necessary currency here.

When you have finished entering all the data, press "Create".

Once you press "Create", the system will bring you back to the Finances tab of the project where you’ll be able to see the receivables.

If you press the "Create and clone" button, the previous receivable will be created, and you may add a new one based on pre-entered data right away.

Unit based receivable

Under this header, you may enter the data for the receivable manually or add the desired price by clicking on the corresponding row in the "Relevant prices" table.

Almost all data will be added automatically. You just need to specify the Unit amount:

Unite based receivable note.jpg

In case you have added one of the general prices, you need to specify the unit amount, service, and language pair if necessary.

Cat log based receivable

Under this header, you may add a receivable based on a CAT log in a few simple steps:

1. Select the required CAT log file and, if necessary, choose the conversion rates template you need (first, it should be created):


By pressing the "Upload a new file" link, you may upload another CAT log file to your project.

Press "Next" to proceed.

2. Next, you may inspect and amend conversion rates in case of necessity:


Press "Next" to continue.

3. Select the required "Service", specify the "Price per unit", and press "Create".

You may also add the relevant price per unit by clicking on the corresponding row in the Relevant prices table if there is any.

CAT based receivable 3.jpg

It will bring you to the Receivable page, which consists of three sections described below.

Receivable details

In this section, you may clone, update or delete this receivable by pressing the corresponding buttons:

Receivable details.jpg


The section below provides a brief overview of a CAT log.

To see more detailed data such as the CAT log summary, data analysis, and its use in receivables\payables, click the CAT log name:

Cat log details.jpg

Conversion rates

In this section, you can edit conversion rates or apply the required template if you have already created one.

To do so, click the corresponding buttons:


Edit CAT log conversion rates

To edit conversion rates, press the "Edit rates" button:


It will open Edit CAT log conversion rates page.

Adjust conversion rates according to your needs and press "Apply" to confirm changes:


Apply rates template

To apply the required CAT log conversion rates template, press the "Apply rates template" button:


It will open Apply CAT log conversion rates template page.

Press "Apply template" in the row of the required template:


Here you may also update conversion rate table of the necessary template by pressing the "Edit template" button:


Make the changes you need and press "Update":


Discounts and Extra Charges

For every receivable, you can add a discount or extra charge at the end:

Discount & Extra.jpg