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Protemos SSL encryption:

SSL Certificate signature hash algorithm - sha256 The connection to this site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2),

a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_256_GCM).

How can I get clients through/from Protemos?

Protemos system is not a job portal. It is Project Management and Accounting software for keeping the records of your jobs and projects, issuing invoices,

tracking payments, coordinating vendors, storing files etc. So to put it simply, you need to find the jobs and clients elsewhere and record them in Protemos.

Please check to get better idea of the system.

Why I don't see my jobs in Protemos?

You may have multiple accounts for a single email. E.g. you may create your own freelance account to manage your projects and clients, but at the same time, some translation company can create a vendor account for you. Even more, you may be working as a vendor for many translation companies, and each of them may create a vendor account for you.

You have to remember that for each account, you have different logins and passwords.

The problem appears when you are trying to enter, for instance, the vendor account without logging out of your own freelance account.

So first, you have to log out of your personal freelance account, and only then you will be able to login to your vendor account.

More detailed information on this subject is presented in the video tutorial: How to interact with multiple accounts in Protemos

How can I reset my Protemos account password?

If you forgot the password you use to log in to Protemos, you may always reset it here:

For more detailed information, please see the Reset password section.

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My vendor cannot open the page in Protemos and gets an error

This normally happens if the vendor is logged not into your company account, but into their own independent account or the account of a different company.

Please follow these steps to help them:

Check if the vendor ever accepted your invitation. Open the vendor profile and see if it has the "Resend Invitation" button:

Vendor profile resend inv button.jpg

This button means that your previous invitation was not accepted by the vendor and they never logged into your account.

So the actions are following:

A) If you can see the "Resend Invitation" button:

  • Ask your vendor to do the following:

- Log out of their current account.

- Accept your invitation following these instructions.

- Check the Vendor quick start guide.

  • After accepting, the vendor should be able to log in. That’s it.

B) If you cannot see the "Resend Invitation" button:

  • Ask your vendor to do the following:

- Log out of their current account.

- Log into your company account.

- Check the Vendor quick start guide.

  • If the vendor forgot the password, they may reset it here (for more details, please see the Reset password wiki page).

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How can I track my administrative expenses in Protemos

To do that, please follow the instructions below:

1. First, go to System => System values => Services to add necessary services:

FAQ services.jpg

2. Add your service providers as vendors to the system on the Vendors page:

FAQ service providers.jpg

You can even define relevant prices for your service providers, if necessary (for more info on prices, please see the Vendors prices page):

F vendor price.jpg

3. Create a special client dedicated for this purpose:

FAQ client.jpg

That's it.

Now, let's assume you need to monitor your administrative expenditures within a month.

Just create a new project for this dedicated client on the Project page:

FAQ project.jpg

On the Finances tab, you may add the actual amount of funds committed for these purposes as receivables, if necessary:

FAQ receivable.jpg

Then assign jobs to your suppliers and enter the amount you pay for services rendered as payable:

F job view.jpg

After that, just add payables to the corresponding jobs as the services are provided:

F jobs tab.jpg

And of course, you may invoice all the receivables and create linked payments, if necessary.

Thus, you will receive a comprehensive picture of your administrative expenses at the end of the month:

F project summary.jpg

You can analyze your administrative expenditures in different ways.

  • On every page (projects, jobs, invoices, payments etc.), you can filter data by necessary criteria and export filtered data into Excel files to use them for further analysis.
  • You can also generate various business reports in the system and monitor your administrative expenses in this way.

For instance, you may generate a report detailed only by required criteria (vendors, clients, services, managers etc.).

For more info on reports, please see the Reports page.

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