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System reminders

The system can notify you about overdue projects, jobs, and invoices by email.

Please find more info here.


There are two types of notifications in the system:

  • About users actions

Note: The system doesn't send messages automatically to your clients/vendors/managers if they cannot log in to the system (the Can log in checkbox is unmarked). But you still can send quotes and invoices to your clients manually if needed.

General notifications

Create account

  • To the account owner when creating an account in Protemos.

Accept invitation

  • To a manager when accepting the invitation from a company to join their account as a manager.
  • To a vendor when accepting the invitation from a company to join their account as a vendor.
  • To a client when accepting the invitation from a company to join their account as a client.

Reset password

  • To the owner of an account when resetting a password.

Change profile settings

  • To the owner of an account when changing profile data.

Managers' notifications


  • To a secondary manager (if assigned) when converting a quote to the project.
  • To a customer when sending a quote to them.


  • To a primary manager if assigned in a new project as a primary manager by another manager.
  • To a secondary manager if assigned as a secondary manager in a new project.
  • To primary and secondary managers if they're reassigned.


  • To managers when a vendor accepts a job.

Vendor notifications


When a job is proposed.

When a job is assigned.

When a job was moved to draft.

When a job was deleted.

When a vendor should start working on a job (if it was an availability request).

When a job has an approaching deadline.

When a job is overdue.

When a job was accepted/rejected/canceled.


When a vendor claimed/was selected on a tender successfully.

When a vendor was invited on a tender.

When a vendor was not selected for a potential job (didn't succeed in a tender).


When a list of input files for a job was modified.


(If you mark the checkbox "Finances visible".)

When a payable was added.

When a payable was deleted.

When a payable was updated.

Invoices and Payments

When an invoice was issued.

When an invoice was deleted.

When an invoice was modified.

When a payment was recorded.

When a payment was deleted.

When a payment was modified.

Clients' notifications

Quote requests

When a quote request was rejected.

Quotes and Multiquotes

When a quote/multi-quote was sent.


When a project was created.

When a project was completed.


When an invoice was sent.