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Protemos release 1.56 (current version)

Here is the list of the new features that have been added in the 1.56 version:

Client pools

Now you can limit the access of your managers by specific clients. E.g. you can create a pool with 1 client and assign it to a specific manager, and that manager will have access only to that 1 client, and won’t see anything related to other clients. So you can segment your clients between your managers and let each of them see only the clients they work with. For more information, please check here.

Note: The roles giving access only to the assigned objects were removed in favor of the client pools functionality. Managers with such roles are now assigned to the corresponding client pools instead. Such pools were created automatically with the new system release and named with the corresponding managers' names.

New client pool (1.56).png

PDF templates customization

We have reworked and improved the ability to customize PDF templates. All the PDF template settings can now be found on a single page. Now you can also specify the page footer and header for each template and add images. More info here.

Pdf templates.png

Email templates

We also simplified the setting up of email templates, which is now more intuitive. Instructions here.

Quote email templates.1.png

Non-financial reports

We have added a number of non-financial reports:

Project reports

Project reports show the number of projects, how many of them were delivered in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions here.

Project counts.png

Job reports

Job reports show the number of jobs, how many of them were delivered in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions here.

Overdue job percentage.png

Work amount reports

Work amount reports show the volume of work you did for your clients and the volume of work your vendors did for you (in words, hours or any other units you use). You can see work amount by client, service or language pair, and the report can be customized by filters.

Work amount by client.png

To-do reports

To-do reports show the number of to-dos, how many of them were performed in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions here.

Overdue by (to-dos).png

Improved filters and reports

E.g. now you can filter by project tag in finance report, filters added to quote report, filter by country to client reports added, vendor type filter on the jobs grid page.

New role — "To-do employee"

This is a special role for someone who should not have access to the database but may perform various tasks you may assign to them. E.g. it could be your office manager, system administrator, etc. More info here.

Role based access control (to-do employee).png

Batch actions on the Jobs page

You can use batch actions on the Jobs page to offer multiple jobs to assigned vendors, start, cancel or change jobs' status to "Draft", and accept completed jobs. More info here.

Batch actions (news release).png

Minor improvements and bug fixes

E.g. included САТ-log details in POs, services importing for vendors, checklists in job templates, etc.

Hope you like these features, as many of you requested them. We’ve already started working on new ones, and if you need something to be added, please let us know so that we could include it in our plan.

Protemos releases 1.51 - 1.55

Quickbooks integration

Users from the United States can now integrate Protemos and Quickbooks Online accounts to quickly push invoices from Protemos into Quickbooks. Instructions here.

Negative taxes

They exist in some countries (e.g. Spain), so we've added them. Instructions here.

Improved CRM

Each client now has own responsible manager, you can track the sources of clients, added ability to filter clients by manager, statuses, and active to-dos.

Jobs and payables in quotes

Now you can plan the project budget by adding jobs and payable to quote. Instructions here.

Other improvements

Improved filters for projects payables and receivables; CAT-log details in PDF files; internal notes for quotes, projects, and invoices: ability to clone client and vendor prices; API improvements.

Protemos add-on to Gmail

Do your clients send you the projects and quote requests via email?

If yes, then you may use Protemos add-on to Gmail to convert emails from your clients into projects and quotes, without copy-pasting the information manually. For more information, please check this page.

This add-on was developed by Technolex Translation Studio and shared with other Protemos users that may find it useful.

Protemos release 1.48-1.50


Now you can define your own client statuses and use them as a sales funnel. You will see the CRM tab on client pages, and you can use it to change client status, create client-related to-dos, and record the history of important communication with your leads and clients. For more details, please check here.


You can create checklists that your vendors will have to fill before delivering the jobs to you. More info here.

Vendor assignment by filter

If you press “Assign” on the vacant job page, you’ll see the page with a filter to select the vendor meeting your criteria. More info here.

File categories

You can mark the files according to their purpose, e. g. “TM”, “Reference”, “Translatable”, etc. More info here.

External invoice file

Your vendors may now upload their own invoice file in addition to one generated by Protemos, as they may have their own systems to generate invoices. Also, you may upload additional files to the client invoices page. More info here.

Other improvements

E. g. API has been extended upon users requests, payables now can be added to vacant jobs, dashboards for clients and vendors, project pages download speed improved, and a number of other minor enhancements and fixes.

Protemos release 1.46-1.47


We’ve made four pages accumulating data on projects, jobs, and finances.

  • Project dashboard: here you can see how many projects and jobs you have of each status. Clicking the number opens a list of the corresponding projects/jobs.
  • Finance dashboard: this is the place where you can check financial issues, e.g., projects without entered receivables, jobs without payables, missing POs, overdue invoices, etc.
  • Job Gantt chart: this is the visualized job timeline. Now you also have it on the Jobs tab within any Project.

To see more info on dashboards, please check here.


Using this completely new feature you can generate to-do lists for yourself and the other managers in your team. More info here.

Customizable email templates for quotes and invoices

Now you can change the template text for your emails when sending quotes and invoices to clients. Click here to see how it is done.

Unit and service translation

If you issue invoices and quotes in different languages, you can now define translations of Units and Services for each language. More info here.

Report upgrades

New reports on average project finances per client, an expenses chart added to the client finances report, more filters added.

Bulk payment creation for vendor invoices

Now you can mark multiple vendor invoices as paid in a single click. More info here.

Numerous minor improvements

Additional filter options, new API methods, more data for exporting to Excel, etc.

BeLazy integrates with Protemos

What is BeLazy and how can it help me?

If you are working as a subcontractor for other translation companies (especially MLVs), you probably get the projects through their systems and then manually recreate them in Protemos. That’s monkey work that takes a lot of PM time, which could have been used for better purposes. Thus, BeLazy can copy the project from your client's system into your Protemos account to save your time and make your project management more efficient. Currently, BeLazy can connect to the following vendor portals and TMS systems:

  • WeLocalize Junction
  • Moravia Symfonie
  • Lionbridge TMS
  • Lionbridge LCX
  • Translated
  • Transperfect GlobalLink
  • XTRF
  • Plunet
  • Transline Transact
  • Memsource

...and more systems to come!

So, if your clients are giving you jobs through any of these portals, you can connect BeLazy to them and to Protemos and let robots work for you!

How to try it?

You need to contact the BeLazy team, and they will explain everything to you. Most importantly, they would like to get improvement suggestions from you to understand how they can make the integration work better for your company.

The Protemos team may also join your meetings with BeLazy if needed. Just let us know about it.

Protemos release 1.42-1.45

Workflow feature improvement

Previously, if you combine several jobs into the workflow, the system was notifying vendors only when the job was started, and the next vendor did not know that you’ve planned a job for them. Now, all vendors are getting the notification that the job will start in the future if they accept your offer so you no longer have to notify them manually about the future job.

As result, the statuses of the job have changed:

Offered to vendor: the job gets this status after you press “Offer to vendor" (instead of "Start" in the previous version). The vendor can accept or reject the job. The accepted job is started automatically unless it is the non-first job of a workflow. If it is the non-first job of a workflow, then it starts after the previous job is completed. For more info, please see this page.

Multiple option quotes

Now you can combine several quotes into one multi-option quote to let your clients choose what they like. More info here.

Global search

You can search the objects (projects, jobs, etc.) by their name directly from the main page. More info here.

Projects and jobs history

On the project and job page, you can now click the "View history” link to see when and by whom the object status was changed.

Numerous minor improvements

  • Projects now can be filtered by language pairs and sorted by the "Status" column.
  • Common notes for quotes, invoices, and job PO PDF files generated by the system. So you can now add any additional standard text to your documents.
  • Now language pairs can be created through API.
  • Automatic creation of payable on tender success.
  • “Minimum profit share" filter added to the Clients “Finances by project balances" report.

... and a number of other enhancements and bug fixes.