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Manager profile page:

General information

On the My Profile page you can update your personal information, the time zone you are located in, change your username and account password.

To do so, go to the My profile menu:

My profile.1.png

Update personal information

To update your personal information, click the "Update" button:

Update personal info.2.png

It will open the Update personal info page.

Here you may change your username, personal details, your contact information, language for emails that you receive from the system, and the time zone:

Update personal info page.1.png

Click "Update" to save changes.

Note: Time zone — the time zone you are located in. It's used for deadlines calculation.

The system also uses this time zone for displaying the time in email messages and on user interface pages.

Change password

To change the password to your account, click "Change password":

Change password.png

It will bring you to the Change password page:

Change password page.1.png

Enter your current and new passwords, and then click "Update" to save changes.