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Add language pairs page:

Start typing the first letters of language and it will appear at drop-down list.

Choose source and target languages, then click "Create" to confirm or "Cancel" to call off the language pair.

Language pairs creation page.jpg

You can easily create multiple pairs at once!

Start type in one field several languages:

LPC multiple pairs creation.jpg

and you’ll receive 3 new pairs:

Add 3 lang pairs.png

Or you may choose several source languages and 1 target:

LPC multiple pairs creation 2.jpg

and you’ll receive 3 new pairs:

Add 3 lang pairs 2.png

You can even choose several source and target languages:

LPC multiple pairs creation 3.jpg

You'll get 12 pairs!

Add 12 lang pairs.png

Note: Plaese don’t choose too many (more 5) languages in source and target, because you may receive an endless quantity of language pairs.

For example, 11 source and 20 target languages create 220 language pairs.