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Business expenses page:

General information

The business expenses functionality allows you to add expenses such as rent, salaries, etc., create and update expense categories, and view an expense list as well as reports.

On this page, you may view the expense list, add new expenses, and export the list to Excel.

Search expenses with filters

By default, you can see all the expenses in your database.

If you want to hide or display some expenses from the list, you may apply filters.

You can hide or display filter fields by clicking the Filter arrow gray.jpg button in the upper right corner:

Business expenses filters.png

So you can enter the data into the appropriate fields and click "Apply".

If the filter is applied, the header turns blue:


You may hide the filter interface by clicking the Blue arrow.jpg button.

Note: The hidden filter remains activated.

You can expand the hidden filter back by clicking Blue arrow.jpg again.

Note: The applied filter is remembered, so it will remain even if you leave the page.

To inactivate the filter, click the "Clear" button.

The header color will turn to gray, which means that no filter is applied:


Add new expense

You may add a new expense manually or import expenses from Excel.

To add an expense, click the "New expense" button:

Business expenses..2.png

Specify the legal entity, category of the expense, currency and amount, and click "Create":

Create new expense.2.png

If needed, you may add a note and change the date when the amount was paid (by default, it is the same as the date when the expense was created).

Update expense

To update an existing expense, click the "Update" button in the corresponding row:

Update business expenses.1.png

Make the needed changes and click "Update"

Apply changes to expense.1.png

Delete expense

You may also delete the expense by clicking the corresponding button:

Delete business expenses.1.png

If you need to delete multiple expenses, select them first, then click "Delete":

Batch deletion of expenses.1.png

Once the expenses are deleted, you will see a corresponding notification.

Export to Excel

You can export the list of expenses to Excel by clicking the "Export to Excel" button over the upper right corner of the table:

Export expenses to excel.png