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Settings – Access control – Client pools:

This feature allows you to limit the access of your managers to specific clients by creating client pools and assigning them to managers. This way, they will only be able to see the corresponding client profiles and other client-related info from their pool and according to their role. For instance, you can create a pool with one client and assign it to a specific manager, and this manager will have access only to that one client and will not see anything related to other clients.

Create client pool

To create a client pool, go to Settings -> Access Control -> Client Pools:

Settings - client pools.png

Click the "New client pool" button:

New client pool.png

Fill in the name and click "Create":

Create client pool.png

Only an administrator can create client pools and assign them to managers.

Add clients

Once the client pool is created, click the "Update" button in the "Number of clients" row to add clients to the pool:

Update number of clients.png

Tick clients that you need to add and click "Update":

Add clients.png

You can click the numbers in the table to see the lists of clients added to the pool and managers you assigned:

Client pool.png

Assign managers

To assign a client pool to a certain manager, go to "Settings" -> "Access Control" -> "Managers":


Open a needed manager's profile and click "Update":

Update manager details.png

Select a needed client pool and click "Update":

Update managers details.png

A manager can be assigned to only one client pool.

Note: Client pools cannot be assigned to the users with the following roles: an administrator; vendor manager; to-do employee.

Update client pool

To change the client pool name or description, click "Update":

Update client pool.png

Make changes and click "Update":

Update client pool2.png

Search pools with filters

By default, you can see all the client pools in your database. If you want to see what pools a client or manager is added to, you may apply filters:

Client pools filters.png

You can hide or display filter fields by clicking the Filter arrow gray.jpg button in the upper right corner.

To use the filters, select the needed client and/or manager and click "Apply".

If the filter is applied, the header turns blue:


You may hide the filter interface by clicking the Blue arrow.jpg button.

Note: The hidden filter remains activated.

You can expand the hidden filter back by clicking Blue arrow.jpg again.

To inactivate the filter, click the "Clear" button. The header color will turn to gray, which means that no filter is applied:


Note: The applied filter settings will remain even if you leave the page.

Objects access

A client pool is an additional filter that you can use to narrow down access rights to the clients and other objects. These objects are marked with "1" in the "Role-based access control" table:

Role-based access control table (client pools).1.png

If, for instance, a user with the role "Project and finance manager" is assigned to a client pool, they will be able to access the following objects: profiles of clients from their pool, quotes and projects created for them (including jobs, payables, and receivables created within these projects) as well as invoices and payments related to clients from the pool.

Note: If a vendor invoice contains payables from projects for clients that are not included in the manager's pool, this manager will not be able to access this invoice. The same logic applies to payments. The manager will also not be able to unlink such a payment from the vendor invoice.
Note: The manager with a client pool assigned still can access all the vendor profiles.

If the manager is not assigned to any client pools, they will see all the client profiles and will be able to access all the objects according to their role (for more info on roles and access rights, please see the Access rights page).