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To view and update the list of the clients statuses, go to ClientsStatuses:


Add new status

To add a new client status, click "New status", then specify the status name and its order in the dropdown list, and click "Create":

Clients statuses1.png

New client status1.png

Update status

To update a client status, click "Update", make the necessary changes, and click "Update":

Clients statuses2.png

Clst update1.png

Change default status

To change a default client status, click "Change default status":

Clients statuses3.png

Clients statuses4.png

Changing the default client status will not affect any existing clients, but will be applied to all the new ones.

Delete status

To delete a client status, click "Delete":

Clst delete.png

Note: the client statuses that are in use cannot be deleted.