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New payment from client page:

To start creating a payment, please go to Clients → Payments:


And then press the "New Payment" button:


It will open the New payment from client page which is intended for recording the payment you received from the client.

Select the client from the list, enter the required information and click the "Create" button:

1 client .png

It will bring you to the newly created payment page, where you can Download as PDF, Update or Delete the payment:

The 2.png

To cover the payment by invoices you need to scroll down to the Linked invoices section and click the "Link invoices" button:

Linked invoices 1.png

It will open the Payment details and Unliked invoices sections. To cover the payment by invoices choose the respective one and click the "Link" button:

Paym 4.png


Note: Only invoices with the matched currency and legal entity can be linked to the payment.

The Payment page will look like the following:


If you want to unlink the invoice, click the "Unlink" button: