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Vendor payment creation page:

This page is intended for recording the payment you sent to the vendor.

First of all, you need to select the vendor from the list:

VPCreation vendor field.jpg

If you pay your vendor in several currencies, you may also need to select the currency:

VPCreation currency field.jpg

Once the vendor and currency are selected, the system looks for the unpaid invoices and displays them in the bottom of the page:

VPCreation uncovered invoices.jpg

You can select the invoices which have already been paid. As you change the selection, the following fields change:

VPCreation amount fields.jpg

Amount due of linked invoices - this field shows the total amount in the invoiced you've linked with the payment.

Amount - this field is for entering the actual payment. So, if it differs from "Amount due of linked invoices" you can edit it manually.

Pressing "Save" brings you to the page of newly created vendor payment.