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Currencies list page:

On the "Currencies" page you can:

- Add currencies

- Set any currency as default

- Disable or delete currencies

- Check up exchange rates history

In Protemos, you can use different currencies at the same time. E.g. your client may pay you in USD, you pay to your vendor in EUR, but want to see your project balance in your local currency. The exchange rates are updated daily.

Add currencies

To add a currency, you need to:

1. Go to System => System values => Currencies:

SM SV Currencies.jpg

2. Press the "Add currency" button:

Add currency button.jpg

3. It will open the currency creation page. Enter the necessary currency and press "Save". You can add as many currencies as you need.

Currency creation page.jpg

Set currency as default

To set any currency as default press the "Set as default" button.

Currency set as default.jpg

If you change the default currency, all reports and project balances will be rebuilt and recalculated in the new default currency:

Grand total in default currency.jpg

Disable and delete currencies

To disable or delete currencies press the "Disable" or "Delete" buttons correspondingly.

Currency disabling and deleting.jpg

Note:You cannot delete the currency that is already in use in the system but you can disable it in case this currency no longer needed.

Exchange rates history

To check up the exchange rates history press the "Exchange rates history" button

Currency exchange rates button.jpg

then select any desired date for which you want to check up the exchange rates and press the "View" button.

Exchange rates history page.jpg

The program is connected to сurrency conversion service, so exchange rates are updated daily.