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You can define lots of things in Protemos:

- Your own company account settings - here you can update your account info, add your company logo, delete the account.

- License - use this menu to check the status of your license or request the license.

- Default settings - allows you to specify the default settings for your account (default time zone, currency, payment methods etc.).

- Use these menus to define the system values (your languages , services , specializations , units of measurement , and even currencies ).

- You can add the Payment methods - you want your customers to use when paying to you.

- Taxes - here you can define several taxes in the system, link them to the clients and vendors, and add them to your invoices.

- Object codes - allows you to set the number of your next invoice, project, payment etc.

- Deadline reminders - here you may define if the system should notify you about problems with deadlines by email.

- SMTP server - use this menu if you want emails to be sent from your server (by default, all emails are sent from Protemos head server).

- Vendor portal - allows you to adjust vendor portal related settings and embed your standard agreement with new vendors into the system.

- Integrations ( SmartCAT TQ Auditor - you may switch them on if you are using, SmartCAT and TQ Auditor).

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For more info on customization, please see our wiki pages or our video tutorial Youtube.jpg

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