Desktop shortcuts for the Protemos system

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All the object creation pages have static URL addresses. For example, the project creation page address is

The same is true for the quote, payment, vendor, client etc. creation pages.

Therefore if you need to speed things up while working in the system, you can create lots of different shortcuts on your Microsoft Windows desktop and assign various actions to them.

Furthermore, you even can assign some hot key combinations to implement often repetitive actions.

Let's take the project creation process as an example.

1. To set up the shortcut for opening the "New project" page do the following:

  • open the project creation page in the system:
  • copy the page link:

SHC copy address.jpg

  • right-click on an empty area of the desktop and select "New"=>"Shortcut" in the drop-down menu:

SHC right click.jpg

  • shortcut creation page will appear. Insert the link into it and press "Next":

SHC insert link.jpg

  • enter a corresponding name (in our case it's "New project" ) and press "Finish":

SHC title.jpg

  • the "New project" shortcut will appear on your Microsoft Windows desktop:

SHC view.jpg

2. Now you may also assign hot key combination for opening the "New project" page:

  • right-click on the "New project" icon and select "Properties" in the drop-down menu:

SHC properties.jpg

  • the "New project Properties" window will appear:

SHC new project properties.jpg

  • enter the hot key combination (let it be Ctrl+Shift+P) by pressing the "Ctrl", "Shift" and "P" buttons simultaneously into the "Shortcut key" box:

SHC hot key assignment.jpg

  • press "OK" to save changes.

Note: the Ctrl+Shift key combination is assigned by default and you can add any additional letter.

That's it!

Now you can open the "New project" page whether by clicking on the "New project" shortcut or by pressing the assigned hot key combination.

You may create needed shortcuts and hot key combinations for the quote, job, payment etc. creation pages in the same way.