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Payment methods page:

Go to Settings=>Payment methods:

Payment methods menu.png

Enter your payment details here so the clients can pay you.

You can enter many payment methods: Skrill, Paypal, wire transfer, etc.

Here you may also change the default payment method and terms, update, disable or delete them by pressing corresponding buttons:

Payment methods buttons.png

  • "Change default settings"—on this page you can select the default payment method, define in how many days invoices should be paid, set the default PDF page size, orientation, and locale for your invoices.
  • "Update"—opens the page where you can renew payment method details.
  • "Disable"—disables the payment method.
  • "Delete"—deletes the payment method.

Note: You can’t delete payment methods that you have already used in the system ("Yes" in the "Іn use" column and no the "Delete" button).

But you can disable them in case these payment methods are no longer needed.