Quick action buttons

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Below you can see the buttons for quick actions. You may use them instead of menu items in Protemos.

Main objects creation

HT quote1.jpg HT project.jpg HT Project template.jpg HT client.jpg HT vendor.jpg HT user.jpg

Finance items creation

HT Invoice for client.jpg HT payment from client.jpg HT invoice for vendor.jpg

HT payment to vendor.jpg HT Client price.jpg HT vendor price.jpg HT Payment method.jpg

System values creation

HT Language pair.jpg HT Service.jpg HT Specialization.jpg

HT Unit.jpg HT Currency.jpg HT Tax.jpg HT CAT log template.jpg

Creation from SmartCAT (available if integration is enabled)

HT quote1.jpg HT project.jpg


HT Clients.jpg HT Vendors.jpg