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Client Invoice sending page:ХХХХ (replace XXXX with the valid project number)

General information

On this page, you can edit the message to the client before sending your invoice:

W Send invoice page.jpg

The subject and the message are generated automatically, but you can edit them.

Once you are confident that the message is ok, press the "Send" button.

The client will receive your invoice by email.

Carbon copy

You may also send a carbon copy of the invoice email to the emails of your management team:

W carbon copy to managers.jpg

Selection of recipients

You have the option not to send the invoices to the main contact.

You can select the person on the client's side who will be getting the invoices by default. E.g. you can create client's accountant and then mark that contact as "Invoicing":

W mark as invoicing.jpg

You may select and remove the recipients of invoices before sending the email:

W selection of clients invoice recipients.jpg

So you can remove the primary contact from the recipients' list and add someone else on the client's side.