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Projects list sorted by the time of completion:

On every page (quotes, projects, jobs, invoices, payments etc.) you may change the order of the displayed table entries.

To sort a table by some criteria, simply click the corresponding column header.

Note: The column headers which enable this sorting feature are highlighted in blue.

Let's take the Projects list page as an example:

Here you may see that projects list is sorted in descending order by the time of completion:

Wiki table entries order.jpg

  • To sort the projects by the project names, please click the "Project" column header.
  • Click the "Start at" column header to sort the projects by the time of beginning.
  • Click the "Deadline" column header to sort the projects by the deadline dates.
  • Click the "Completed" column header, and the projects will be ordered by the time of completion.

When you click a column header, the icon Descending icon.jpg appears.

This icon indicates the sort order (either ascending Ascending icon.jpg or descending Descending icon.jpg).

Click the column header again to reverse the sort order.