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General information

To update an invoice, open the one you need, press "Actions" and then "Update":

Vendor invoice update button new.png

It will bring you to the Update invoice page where you can update the invoice details.

You can add the Custom code, Contact person on the vendor's side, update Payment method, Issued at, Payment terms, Note to vendor fields, and change the invoice PDF page size and orientation:

Update vendor invoice page new.png

Custom code

You may enter a custom code for the invoice if necessary.

To do that, enter the required code in the "Custom code" field:

Custom code for VI.png

Press "Update" to confirm changes.

Note: Custom codes have priority over the system codes.

The system keeps both codes which you may see in the Invoice details section:

VI system and custom codes.png

But only the custom code is displayed on the Vendor Invoices list page:

Vendor invoices list cust code.png

and on the invoice PDF file (i.e. the custom code replaces the system code):

Vendor invoice cust code on PDF.png

Update issue date

You can modify the issue date of invoices.

Select the necessary date in the Issued at field, and then press "Update" to save changes:

VI update issue at.png

Discount & extra charge

You can add a discount and (or) an extra charge to the invoice.

To do so, press "Actions" and then "Discount & Extra charge":

VI discount and extra charge button.png

It will open the Invoice Discount & Extra charge page.

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