Vendor rating categories

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Vendors – Rating categories:

On this page, you can:

— View the list of categories in which you can rate jobs completed by vendors;

— Сreate, update, or delete categories;

Create new rating category

To create a new rating category, go to Vendors → Rating categories:

Vendors - rating categories.png

Click the "New category" button:

Create new vendor category.2.png

Specify the category name and its order in the list, then click "Create":

New rating category.1.png

Note: Please note if a new rating category is added, overall vendor ratings will not be displayed unless you rate this category for at least one job delivered by vendors.

Update rating category

To change the category name or its sort order, click '"Update" in the corresponding row:

Update rating category.png

Make the needed changes and click "Update" to save them:

Update rating category.2.png