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Vendor view page – Payment Methods tab:ХХХХ&tab=payment-methods (replace XXXX with a valid number)

On this page, you can create, update and change payment methods for the vendor:

VV payment method.jpg

To create a new payment method for the vendor, press the "Add new payment method" button. It will open the Vendor payment method creation page.

The first created vendor payment method becomes the default one. You may change it by pressing "Change default payment method and terms".

It will open the Change default settings page.

To disable, update or delete a payment method, please press the corresponding buttons.

Note: You can't delete payment methods, that you have already used in the system ("Yes" in the column "Іn use" and no the "Delete" button).

Other tabs on the page

  • General info - view and edit vendor info and payment conditions.
  • Primary user - the first contact person of the vendor.
  • Contact persons - the list of vendor’s contact persons (available if the vendor is a Company).
  • Prices - the list of prices agreed with the vendor.
  • Taxes - on this tab, you can create a custom taxes set for this vendor. Here you may also define which taxes set should be applied (whether custom or default one) for this particular vendor.
  • Documents - intended for storing any documents related to the vendor.