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Account page:

On the Account page you can complete or update general information, upload the logo of your company, delete your account.

To do so, go to Settings=>Account:

Settings Account menu.png

Account info

The "Account info" section contains common information about your company.

Here you can amend information about your company and change the account owner.

Press "Update" to edit general information:

Account info section.jpg

For more info, please see the Update account details page.

To change the account owner press "Change account owner" (this option is available only for the owner of an account):

Upd acc owner but.jpg

For more info, please see the Change account owner page.

Company logo image

Here you may upload the logo which will be displayed in all documents generated by the system: invoices, POs, Quotes etc:


Note: Only PNG and JPEG images with a maximum size of 350x350 pixels are supported.

Account deletion

You can immediately and permanently delete all your account data and files from the server.

To do so, press the "Delete account" button:

Account deletion.jpg

More details here.