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Vendor applications page:

Go to Vendors=>Applications:

Applications menu.png

It will open the Vendor applications list page.

Here you can see the list of applications submitted by vendors.

Click "View" to open an application:

Vendor application list new.png

It will bring you to the application page where you can check its details, download the attached files if any, accept or reject the application by pressing the corresponding buttons:

VApplication details.png

  • Accept—you may accept the application by pressing this button. In this case, the vendor will be added to your database and the system will display their profile page. The vendor will receive an invitational email to join your corporate account as a vendor.
  • Reject—press it to decline the application. In this case, the application will disappear from the list, and the vendor will be informed of the rejection by email.

Note: You can forbid vendors to submit their applications and hide the Application menu on the Vendor portal settings page. In this case, the menu will be displayed until there are vendor applications that remain unresolved.