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Clients receivables page:

On this page you can:

— View all the receivables from the clients and search them with filters.

— Create invoices for all receivables or only for the selected receivables.

— Open receivables or go to client profiles and related projects.

— Export data to Excel.

Search receivables with filters

By default, you can see all the receivables in your database, 200 per page.

If you want to hide or display some jobs from the list, you may apply filters.

You can hide or display filter fields by pressing the Filter arrow gray.jpg button in the upper right corner:

Cl recevavles filter.png

So you can enter the data into the appropriate fields and press "Apply".

If the filter is applied, the header turns blue:


You may hide the filter interface by pressing the Blue arrow.jpg button.

Note: The hidden filter remains activated.

You can expand the hidden filter back by pressing Blue arrow.jpg again.

Note: The applied filter is remembered, so it will remain even if you leave the page.

To inactivate the filter, press the "Clear" button.

The header color will turn to gray, which means that no filter is not applied:


Create invoice

Note: If you are issuing a separate invoice for each project, you can do it directly from the Finances tab of the related project.

Invoice selected

1. To create an invoice for a client, select the receivable that needs to be invoiced and press the "Invoice selected" button:

Client receivables invoice selected one.png

2. The system will create the invoice and display the Client invoice page:

Client invoice view.png

If you invoice several receivables, the ones that have the same client and currency will be linked to one invoice. The system will create the invoice and display its page.

Otherwise, the system will redirect you to the Client invoices page and display a message of how many invoices have been successfully created.

For more detailed information on invoices, please see the Client invoice view page.

Invoice all

By pressing the "Invoice all" button you can invoice all receivables which have not been invoiced:

Client receivables invoice all.png

It will bring you to the Client invoices page.

Here you can see how many invoices have been successfully created and view them all:

Client receivables invoice all batton.png

Invoice all by filter

You may also invoice all receivables selected by certain filters.

For instance, you can invoice all receivables only from a specific client and for projects in the Completed status within the specified deadline date range.

Filter the receivables by the necessary criteria and press "Invoice all":

Compl acc.png

If all receivables are with the same currency, they will be linked into one invoice and the invoice page will be displayed.

Otherwise, the system will bring you to the Client invoices page and display a message of how many invoices have been successfully created.

Client receivables apply filter and invoice 2.png

Open receivables, related client profiles, and projects

You can click items in the table to open corresponding pages:

Clients receivables items clicking.png

  • Code—opens the receivable details page.

Tip: Protemos supports multiple windows. So you may open the link in the new window by holding "Shift" while clicking.

Update issue at date

You can modify the issue date of receivables.

Select the necessary date in the Issued at field, and then press "Update" to save changes:

Screeffnshot 1.png

Export to Excel

You can export all the displayed table of client receivables to Excel by pressing "Export to Excel" button over the upper right corner of the table:

Client receivables export to Excel.png

Note: The exported file will contain the filtered records from all the pages of the table, not just the ones displayed on the first page. 

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