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To create and send an invoice to the client, you need to:

1. Go to the Client receivables page, find receivables you need using Filters.

2. Select them and click the "Invoice selected" button:

Invoice selected.1.png

3. The system will create the invoice. You can adjust taxes, discounts and markups if you want:

4. You may download the invoice PDF file generated by the system. Or you can send an email with invoice directly from the system by clicking the "Send" button:

Send invoice.1.png

You can also create vendor invoices in a similar way (for Enterprise version): go to the Vendor payables page, select payables, and click the "Invoice selected" button.

Your vendor will be notified about the invoice. Also, your vendors can create the invoices themselves if they wish.

For more info on client or vendor invoices, please see our wiki pages or a special video tutorial YT client.png

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