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On this page you can:

— Update job details, change its status or delete it.

— Add and edit payables to your vendor.

— Manage the job-related files and links to files.

Job statuses

Over the job details table you can see the progress chart describing the workflow for the job:

Hot 4.png

The job may have the following statuses:


The job is still being edited and the vendor has not received any instructions to start.

By default, every newly created job gets the "Draft" status, and you can change it by pressing the "Change status" button:

2020-07-15 125403.png

The "Change status" button is available only on the Draft status. If needed, you can always move the job to draft by pressing the "Draft" button:

Draft str.png

Proposed to vendor

The manager has proposed the job by clicking the "Propose to vendor" button:

2020-07-15 112043.png

Note: If the vendor is assigned to other jobs with cross dates, the system will warn you about that when you press the "Propose to vendor" button. For more info, please see the Vendor availability page.

If a vendor is not assigned, the following alert message is displayed:



Pressing the "Update" or "Assign vendor" buttons opens the Update job page where you can select the vendor for the job.

Proposal accepted / declined

  • Proposal accepted - the vendor has confirmed that they take the job.

Note: Auto start on vendor acceptance has to be marked if you want the vendor to start working straight away after the acceptance.


  • Proposal declined - the vendor has rejected the job.



The job will have this status if:

— the manager started the job manually after the vendor accepted it (Auto start on vendor acceptance is not marked).

When you press the "Start" button, the system sends an email message to the vendor notifying that you have started a job.

Note: If you have a planned job, and you would like to offer it to a vendor to understand if the vendor is available at this time in the future, unmark Auto start on vendor acceptance. That way you will know if the vendor can take it, and you can start it in the future when you need it.

— the vendor has confirmed that they take the job after you propose it (Auto start on vendor acceptance is marked).



The job gets this status when the vendor has delivered and completed the job:


Completion accepted / rejected

  • Completion accepted — the manager has checked the delivery and accepted it.
  • Completion rejected — the manager has checked the delivery and rejected it.


The job gets this status if the manager has canceled the job.

On tender

The job gets this status if the manager has created a tender for the job, offered this job to several candidates by pressing the "Create tender" button.

Create tenders.png

To get an idea on how it looks from the vendor’s side, please have a look at the Vendor user manual.

If you want to delete the job, press the"Delete" button:

Felet but.png

Note: The job which has payables linked with invoices cannot be deleted unless you delete the linked invoices

Payables to vendor

Note: You need to select a vendor for the job before you can enter payables.

Use this section to enter how much you are going to pay to your vendor.

To add a new payable, press "New payable" and select the type of the payable you want to add:

New payablr.png

  • "Flat rate"—if you just need to enter the amount of a payable without entering volumes and rates.
  • "Unit based"—if you have to enter the volume and rate for calculating the price.
  • "CAT log based"—if you have fuzzy matches logs generated by CAT tools and want to calculate discounts for each type of match.

It will open the New payable page where you can enter the necessary data.

You can add several payables to one job, if necessary:

Job several payables.png

Each payable can be cloned and deleted by clicking corresponding buttons.

Also, you may update the payable by clicking the "Update" button in the receivable row.

It will open the Update payable page. If the job status is not "Draft", the vendor will be notified about payables changes by email.

Note: If the payable is included in a vendor invoice, it cannot be deleted or edited unless you delete the invoice first.

Please see more info on vendor payables here.

Job input files

In this section you can view the list of files included in this job.

The vendor gets these files through their interface, downloads them to his computer and works on them.

You can download each file by clicking its name, and you can download all the files at once by clicking "Download as ZIP":

Job input files buttons.png

If you want to change the list of files assigned to this job, press Manage input files.

Job output files

In this section you can view translated files or links to files delivered by your vendor.

Job output files section.png

If you have any additional files for adding, you may upload these files or add links to the files by clicking "Upload" or "Add URLs" correspondingly.

You may also delete uploaded files and links by pushing the "Delete" button.

You can download each file individually by clicking on its name, or you may download all the files at once by clicking "Download as ZIP".

Note: The job output files which are input files for for another jobs cannot be deleted.

But if you need to delete such a file, please go to the related job by clicking on its code:

Delete job output file.png

Then unlink this file using the "Manage input files" option.

After that, you'll be able to delete this file.

Free of charge job

If you are not going to pay for this job, you may mark it as free of charge.

To do this, you need to go to the job page and press "Update":

Free of ch.png

Mark the "Free of charge" checkbox and confirm in with the "Update" button:

Free sof ch.png

It will hide the Payables to vendor section, and you won’t be able to enter payables. You can revert it by unmarking the "Free of charge" checkbox.

Auto start on vendor acceptance

When you create a job, auto start on vendor acceptance is marked by default.

That means that the job will be started once the vendor accept the proposal.

In case you have a planned job and you would like to know if the vendor is available for future job, you can unmark it:


That way the vendor will get a notification about the proposal, and will be able to accept or reject it.

If the vendor accepts it, you will need to start this job manually whenever you need it.