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Watch our video tutorial on Messages - 2ag.png

You can discuss specific objects with your vendors or clients directly in Protemos, instead of exchanging emails or instant messages.

Client's messages

This feature is available for the following clients' objects:

Vendor's messages

This feature is available for the following vendors' objects:

General information

In the Messages field enter your text and press the "Send" button:


Here you can see the example of how it looks like:

Send message.png

Clients, vendors, and managers will get emails once someone sent a message to them.

You can read the message and reply straight from the email:

Message email.png

By pressing "Reply to this message", you will be redirected to the "Messages" field of the respective object.

Tip: If your client or vendor cannot log in to the system, you can use the "Messages" field as an option to leave notes or anything you need. But if you allow them to log in, all the messages will be visible for them.