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Language pairs page:

Go to Settings=>System values=>Language pairs.

SM sys values lang pairs.png

Use this menu to add, update the language pairs you work with, delete, or disable them:

Lang pairs page.png

  • "New language pairs" - opens the language pairs creation page where you can create various language pairs combinations of source and target languages.
  • "Update" - opens the language pair update page where you can change languages for a particular language pair.
  • "Delete" - deletes the language pair.

Note: You can’t delete the pairs of languages that you have already used in the project (“Yes” in the column “Іn use” and no “Delete” button). But you can disable the language pairs you no longer need.

  • "Disable" - disables the language pair. You can use this option if you don't want to see this language pair in the drop-down list when choosing a language, for instance, while creating a new project.
  • "Enable" - enables the language pair (the button appears after you disable the language pair).

The "New language pair" button creates as many language pairs as you wish.