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Legal entities page:

General information

If you are using more than one legal entity for your business, you may enter them all into the system, and then use them in projects, quotes, invoices, etc.

It means that you can set up different document items (logo, address, company name) for different legal entities.

To do so go to Settings ⇾ Legal entities:

Legal entities menu.png

Here you see the list of your legal entities. You can add a new legal entity, change default legal entity, update, delete logo, and delete the existing legal entities by clicking the corresponding buttons:

Le 1.png

Add new legal entity

To add a new legal entity click the "New legal entity" button:

Le 2.png

Then enter the required information and click "Create":

Create le.png

You may upload a logo that will be displayed on all documents generated by the system: invoices, POs, quotes, etc.

Note: Only PNG and JPEG images with a maximum size of 350×350 pixels are supported.

Change default legal entity

To change the default legal entity, click the "Change default legal entity" button:

Change default legal eneityt.png

Then change the necessary details and click "Update":

Default legal entity le.png

Note: By default, new clients and vendors are assigned to the default legal entity. But you can change it when adding them or define the legal entity for every client and vendor individually in their default settings.

Individual invoice codes

You can set up different invoice numbering for each legal entity.

To do so, click the "Update" button for the needed legal entity:

Le invoice numbering 1.png

Enter the needed numbers, code prefixes, and click "Update":

Le invoice numb 2.png

The same actions apply to update the invoice codes for other legal entities.

Click the "Update" button for the needed legal entity:

2nd le.png

Enter the needed numbers, code prefixes, and click "Update":

2nd le 2.png

Different legal entities have different invoice number sequences and prefixes:

Diff le.png

Note: You can set any number in the "First client invoice number", but the system will use it only to create the first invoice, and afterward, the numeration will be consecutive.
To make it explicit:

  1. If there are no invoices from the legal entity, you can start from "1" (or from any other number if necessary).
  2. If there are already some invoices, and you set any number in the "First client invoice number" field, the system will not use it and continue consecutive numbering. For example, if you have 10 invoices, the next one will be with the "11" number. You cannot reset it to start from "1" or any other number unless you delete all the invoices from this legal entity. 

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