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Multi-quotes page:

Multi-quote is a potential project with several options, consisted of several quotes.

Multi quotes 1.png

Create new multi-quote

To create a multi-quote, you need to create single quotes first.

Having done that, go to the Multi-quotes page and click the "New multi-quote" button:

1 new mq.png

Or you can create a multi-quote by clicking the "New multi-quote" button in the Multi-quotes menu:

New multi-quote.png

In both cases, it will open the New multi-quote page where you need to select the Legal entity, Client and click "Create":

1 nemw quote.png

Then click the "Add option quotes" button:


Select the needed ones, and click "Add selected quotes":


Now click "Send" to send the multi-quote to the client or "Mark as sent" (the client will not get any notifications):

Save and sent.png

The client will get a notification with attached quote files of each option.

Once the multi-quote is sent, the client can

  • Accept one of the quotes (when one of the quotes is accepted, all others are automatically marked as rejected).
  • Reject the entire multi-quote.

Or you can move forward the multi-quote by marking the needed quote as accepted or all of them as rejected:

Axxdept reject.png

Update multi-quote

You can update the legal entity or/and client by clicking the "Update" button:


Note: when you have added the option quotes or sent the multi-quote, it cannot be updated anymore.

If you need to update the option quotes, you can open them by clicking their code:

Open 1.png

And then update the quote as usual:


Note: the option quotes cannot be update once the multi-quote is sent.

If you need to remove an option quote, click the "Remove" button:

Remove .png

To add another option quote, click the "Add option quotes" button:

Add more.png

Send multi-quote

You can send a multi-quote to your clients right from the system.

To do so, open the necessary multi-quote and click the "Send" button:

Send multi-quote.png

You may edit clients' contacts:

Edit cl cont.png

For more details, please see the Client contact persons tab page.

You may also send a CC and BCC of the quote email to the emails of your management team:


The mechanism of sending the multi-quote is the same as sending the single quote.

Search multi-quotes with filters

By default, you can see all the multi-quotes in your database, 50 per page.

If you want to hide or display some quotes from the list, you may apply filters.

You can hide or display filter fields by clicking the Filter arrow gray.jpg button in the upper right corner.

Filter multi quote.png

You can enter the data into the appropriate fields and click "Apply".

If the filter is applied, the header turns blue:


You may hide the filter interface by clicking the Blue arrow.jpg button.

Note: The hidden filter remains activated.

To inactivate the filter, click the "Clear" button.

The header colour will turn to grey, which means that no filter is not applied:


Note: The applied filter is remembered, so it will remain even if you leave the page.

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