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General information

From this page you can send the quote to the customer: check information, amend if needed, and select the “Send” button.

Send quote page new.jpg

Carbon copy

You may also send a carbon copy of the quote email to the emails of your management team:

Send quote page CC.jpg

Date, time and cost of delivery

As you can see, the system automatically adds the date, time and cost of a potential project delivery to the email:

Send quote page date, time and cost.jpg

Edit contact

You may edit the client's contacts right from this page.

To do that, click the "Edit client contacts":

W quotes edit client contacts.jpg

For more details, please see the Client contact persons tab page.

Default recipient

You can live the "Contact person" field unfilled while creating a quote:

W quote sending without default recipient.jpg

In this case, the primary user will be the default recipient of the quote.

You have the option not to send quotes to the primary user.

To do that, just specify a recipient while creating the quote:

W quote specific recipient.jpg

Adding and removing recipients

You may select and remove the recipients of quotes before sending the email:

Vendor new quote.jpg

For instance, you can remove the primary contact from the recipients' list and add someone else on the client’s side.

If you want to make a contact person disappear from the drop-down lists, please do the following:

Go to client's profile, select the "Contact persons" tab and click the "Update" button in the necessary contact row:

Vendor contact update.jpg

It will open the Update contact person page.

Unmark cont.person.jpg

Unmark the checkbox "Active" and confirm it with the "Update" button.

The contact person will not appear in the drop-down list next time you send the quote.