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Object codes page: https://cloud.protemos.com/account/object-codes

General information

Here you can set the number of your next quote, quote request project, payment, job etc.

To update the next object identification number or object code prefix press the "Update next IDs" or "Update code prefixes" button correspondingly:

Obj codes.png

Update object ID

To update the next object identification number press the "Update next IDs" button.

It will bring you to the Update next IDs page:

New id.png

Having edited all the needed IDs press "Update" to save changes.

Note: You can increase the next object ID, but you won't be able to go back to normal numbering after you register the first project with this number, as the number of the next project cannot be lower than the number of the last existing project. It applies to all objects in the system (invoices, quotes, jobs, etc.)

Update object prefix

In order to update the object code prefix press the "Update code prefixes" button.

This will open the Update code prefixes page:

Invoice prefix.png

Having edited all the necessary prefixes press the "Update" button to save changes.

Codes and prefixes example.jpg

Update invoice id and prefix

To update the invoices' id and prefix, please go the Legal entity page.

Other settings

You can include or don't the current year in the invoice code. Press the "Update" button to change the setting:

Invoice year.png

So, the invoice codes can be with Screeddnshot 2.png or without the current year Screensddhot 3.png.