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General information

On this page, you will find general data about a particular quote.

Here, you also can:

— Send the quote or mark it as sent.

— Download it as a PDF file.

— Create the Smartcat project based on this quote or link it with an existing one.

— Clone this quote, update or delete it.

— Create a project based on this quote or link an already existing project to it.

Quote details.1.1.png

  • Click "More actions" to clone, update or delete it:

Quote details - more actions.1.png

Create linked project

Click "Create project " to create a project based on the quote:

Create a project based on quote.png

Note: Once you create a project that is linked to the quote, the quote’s status will be automatically changed to “Accepted”.

The client will also receive an email notification on a new project if they use the client portal.

You may also link an already existing project to the quote if needed:

Link the project with quote.png

Enter the code of the needed project and click "Update":

Link the project with quote - enter code.png

Once done, a link to the project will appear, and you will also be able to unlink the project if necessary:

Project is linked with quote.1.png

Add tags to quotes

You can add tags for quotes to identify, categorize, and specify them, etc.

To do so, click the "Add tags" button:

Add tags to quote.png

It brings you to the Update tags list page.

Type a name for this tag and click the "Enter" key, or confirm it by clicking on the tag name that appeared in the drop-down list:

11 urg.png

Having entered all the necessary tags, click "Save" to apply them:

1 save update pr tags list.png

You can review all quotes that have a certain tag added by clicking on the tag name:

2020-07-09 122556.png

Next time, when adding tags to another quote, you will see all the tags you've already added in the drop-down list.

So you may add a new tag, or select the one from the drop-down list if the necessary tag is already available:

List of tags nothing to do.png

When quotes are tagged, you can easily find them by using filters.

Hot 2.png

Ot 1.png

To delete tags, go to the project page and click the "Update tags" button, then click the cross next to the tag name and click "Save" to confirm changes:

Update delete tags.png

Expire at

You can add the "Expire at" date for the client to know until what time the quote is valid.

The client can see it on the quote page (if they are registered):

2020-08-31 093332.png

Or in the PDF file of the quote:

Quote is valid.png


In the Messages field you can communicate with a client for whom the quote was created (if they use the Client Portal and can log in to the system).

Enter your message and click the "Send" button:

Quote message.png

A client will get an email when a message is sent to them.

The same applies to the responsible quote manager, they will get emails when a client sends a message.

You can read the message and reply straight from the email:

Quote reply message.png

By clicking "Reply to this message", you will be redirected to the "Messages" field of the respective quote.

Tip: If your client cannot log in to the system, you can use the "Messages" field as an option to leave notes or anything you need. But if you allow them to log in, all the messages will be visible for them.

You also can communicate with clients on other objects. Please check the "Messages" page for more details.

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