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Quote requests list page: https://cloud.protemos.com/quote-request/index

On the Quote requests page you can:

—Open quote requests and create quotes from them.

—View the list of quote request and search them with filters.

—Check clients' profiles and created quotes from quote requests.

Open quote request

If you click on the quote request code, the Quote request page will be opened:

Quote request list.png

Create quote from quote request

If you get a quote request from a client, first you will receive an email notification with the details:

Email notification.png

You can open the quote request directly from the email, or you may go to Quotes => Quote requests list:

Quote request tab.png

And click on the quote request code:

Quote request list.png

Having checked the quote request detail, press the "Create quote" button:

Screensh1ot 1.png


In the Messages field you can communicate with a client from whom you got a quote request (if they use the Client Portal and can log in to the system).

Enter your message and press the "Send" button:

2020-10-19 100659.png

A client will get an email when a message is sent to them.

The same applies to the responsible quote manager, they will get emails when a client sends a message.

You can read the message and reply straight from the email:

Quote request message.png

By pressing "Reply to this message", you will be redirected to the "Messages" field of the respective quote request.

Tip: If your client cannot log in to the system, you can use the "Messages" field as an option to leave notes or anything you need. But if you allow them to log in, all the messages will be visible for them.

You also can communicate with clients on other objects. Please check the "Messages" page for more details.

Quote requests filters

Filters quote request.png

  • Quote request code—displays only the quote requests with the code containing the entered value.
  • Quote request name—displays only the quote requests with the name containing the specified text.
  • Description—displays only the quote requests with the description containing the specified text.
  • Client—displays only the quote requests for a specific client.
  • Specialization—displays only quote requests with the required specializations.
  • Statuses—displays only the quote requests with the specified status (New, Quoted, Rejected).
  • Start date—displays only the quote requests which were started in the specified period of time.
  • Delivery date—displays only the quote requests with the date of delivery in the specified period of time.
  • Created date range—displays only the quote requests in the specified period of time.

Open client profile and quote

You can go to the client profile right from quote request page by clicking on the client's name, and to check the created quote if it was done, by clicking the Quote code:

Scquotereenshot 1.png

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