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You can define your own rating categories and rate vendors' performance.

Based on the job ratings, the vendors will get average ratings for each category as well as an overall rating which is displayed in their profiles.

You may also watch a brief overview video of the vendor rating functionality YT client.png

Create categories

To create a new rating category, go to Vendors → Rating categories:

Vendors - rating categories.png

Click the "New category" button:

Create new vendor category.2.png

Specify the category name and its order in the list, then click "Create":

New rating category.1.png

Fore more info, check the Rating categories page.

Rate jobs

When the job status is changed to "Completion accepted", you can rate in the predefined rating categories how well the vendor completed the job.

To do so, open the needed job page, scroll down to the Rating section, and click "Update":

Job rating section.1.png

Assess how the job was done in the predefined categories, then click "Update":

Rate job completion.1.png

Once done, the rating of the job will be displayed in the table:

Job is rated.1.png

If needed, you can always change it by clicking "Update" again.

View vendor rating

To view details on the vendor's rating, please click the corresponding link in the profile:

View vendor rating details.png

Here, you can see the vendor's average rating as well as the number of jobs rated in each category, and the overall rating:

Vendor rating details.png

For more info on viewing vendor's rating, please check the Vendor rating section.

Search vendors by rating

On the Vendors page, you may filter vendors by rating using the "Rating range" filter:

Filter vendors by rating.2.png

You can also filter vendors by their rating when assigning the vendor to the job and adding vendors to the tender.