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Client settings

Go to the client profile you need, scroll down to the Settings section, and click "Update":

Client default settings.1.png

It will display the "Change settings" page where you can change your client's default legal entity, currency, payment method and terms, manager, and invoice PDF template:

Change settings page.png

Note: The payment methods you need can be created in the Payment methods settings.

Note: Leave blank empty to use default value from the Client portal settings.

Default legal entity

By default, for all newly created clients, the system uses the default Legal entity of your account.

But here you may define the different one only for this particular client:

Change default legal entity.png

Default invoice PDF template

You can select a default invoice PDF template for each individual client. Click the "Update" button in the "Settings" section of a needed client profile and select the PDF template:

Change invoice PDF template.png

Note: If you leave this field blank, the value from your account settings will be applied.